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Blocked pipes and drains are some of the most unpleasant plumbing problems you can have in your house. It is bad enough that nothing will go down, but in many cases the contents of your plumbing system come back up. That means old food particles, paper products and assorted sludge can appear as if from nowhere, making your life miserable.

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Dangers of Blocked Pipes

A blocked pipe in your kitchen, bathroom or any area of your home has the potential to cause serious damage. Most people are aware of the frustration associated with blocked pipes. If the blockage becomes too serious, the pipe may be at risk of bursting and create a host of different problems. Burst pipes cause property damage and mould growth, and may require costly repairs in certain situations. Blocked pipes can also cause damage inside your home if the drain overflows and water pours onto floors and woodwork.

Do I Need Professional Repair?

A standard plunger is usually a reliable tool for homeowners to use when a pipe has a minor blockage. If you try a plunger and the blockage comes loose, then that’s probably all the work that was necessary. If, however, you try the plunger and nothing budges, then it’s wise to call for professional help. Professional engineers have tools and methods that can blast away at the most stubborn blockages, preventing and minimising damage. Your engineer can also peer into the pipes and determine if there are any small leaks that need fixing.

Common Drain Cleaning Solutions

Some of the drain cleaning solutions your local engineer may use to free your blocked pipes and drains include drain jetting, drain rodding and high pressure cleaning. Drain rods are effective at pushing blockages through the pipes, and drain jetting and high pressure cleaning can power through just about anything that stands in the way. In some cases, tree roots can grow into underground pipes and create a situation that only a high pressure solution can handle.

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