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A serious water leak or drain that has overflowed and begun to flood your home is an unsettling situation that no homeowner anticipates. If you don’t take quick action and get the situation under control, it will only get worse until help arrives and stops the damage. It’s not realistic to think that you will escape from water leaks and overflows with no damage at all, but you can minimise the damage by acting quickly and calling a reputable engineer that can take charge and get results.

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Dangers of a Hidden Water Leak

There are times when looking at your kitchen work surface, bathroom suite or water tanks does not reveal anything abnormal, even though there is a water leak in the pipes underneath, or from the overflow, hidden from view. These types of leaks are particularly dangerous because by the time you realise there is a leak, a significant amount of damage may have already occurred. It is not unusual to see saturated, rotting wood and mould growth when there is a leak that is out of sight. Sometimes, they are discovered by chance, but more often than not you will see the mould, puddles on the floor, damp drywall, damaged electrical circuits or higher water bills.


Benefits of Drain Flooding Prevention

Whenever there is an excess of water in your home, the potential exists for mould, bacteria, pathogens, insects and a great deal of damage. Drain flooding prevention services by a qualified engineer will help you avoid having unwanted water in your home, reduce the likelihood of health issues caused by standing water and reduce the risk of water damage.

Choosing the Ideal Service Provider

For water leaks and overflows, having a reputable service provider to turn to is the key to getting the issue rectified and minimising any damage that has occurred. An experienced, trustworthy local engineer will become familiar with the fixtures and systems in your home and be able to provide you with exceptional service for years to come.

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