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The plumbing system in your home is complex and wide ranging, and there are many elements to consider to keep it running efficiently throughout the year. Pipes, drains, boilers, radiators, taps, appliances and water heaters are all part of the system, and they all have to work together to keep it problem-free at all times.

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How Did My Drain Become Blocked?

Blocked drains happen for a variety of reasons, most of which are related to the actions of people living in the household. In the bathroom, blocked drains may be caused by soap, hair or excess paper being flushed down the toilet. In the kitchen, cooking grease and food particles combine to form a solid barrier, preventing water from flowing freely down the pipes. With few exceptions, household drains are clogged because of our own actions.

How to Identify Underground Burst Pipes

Burst pipes in your home are a frightening thought because of the immediate damage they cause, but burst pipes that happen underground can be equally destructive. When a pipe does burst underground, identifying what happened is often quite challenging so an expert Edinburgh plumber is key. If a water main breaks, the water might bubble up or even shoot up into the air, but you may have to wait for other signs if a pipe bursts underground of your property. You may notice saturated ground under your feet, or if the break is close to the house, you might see signs of moisture in your basement.

The Scourge of Hidden Water Leaks

If a pipe starts leaking and it is concealed within your home’s interior design, there is a much greater chance of it causing damage than if it weren’t concealed because the leak can carry on for days or even weeks in some cases. A hidden leak might cause wood to rot, damage electrical circuits and produce enough moisture to encourage mould growth. The result may include costly repairs or renovations and health issues caused by the mould.


Our leak solutions also cover problems involving dripping taps and leaking toilets, baths, and basins. Let us know your problem and our expert London plumber will arrive at your property with the right solution.

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