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Unless something goes drastically wrong and you have an emergency on your hands, calling out a heating engineer probably isn’t terribly high on your to-do list. Yet there’s a chance that you are getting by with some aspect of your heating or hot water not working quite as well as it should be. That means you’re putting up with less comfort that you could be enjoying, and may well be wasting costly energy.

You can’t always control whether your central heating system encounters problems and has performance issues, but you can control how you react if it does happen. Calling in a reputable, high quality engineer to inspect, diagnose and repair your central heating system is the key to minimal downtime.

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What Can Happen to My Central Heating System?

The central heating system in your home includes many different components, and there are many issues you might encounter that compromise its performance. Problems with the boiler, the pump, the radiator, thermostat, electrical circuitry or fuel source can cause the entire system to shut down. If the sensors and valves in your control panel malfunction, the heating system won’t receive the right signals to operate. It only takes one faulty part to affect the entire system, so if you notice any trouble, call for professional service.

Common heating problems:

  • Got one radiator that always feels cool when the others are hot? Or one that feels warm at the bottom but not at the top?
  • How about a blue-green drip coming from one of the radiators?
  • What about a leaking boiler?
  • Is water dripping out of an outlet pipe on the outside of the wall behind your boiler?
  • Is the pressure dial on the front of the boiler always lower than that 1 to 1.5 mark they told you it should be on when you moved in?

If any of this sounds familiar, call us for immediate help.

Upgrades Help Save You Money

As your central heating system ages, newer and more energy efficient features come along that could help save you money if your system was upgraded. If your current system is 15 years old or more, upgrading to a more modern system with all of the latest energy saving features will be gentler on the environment and will help you save money.

Why Professional Repair is Vital

With all of the different parts and components that make up your central heating system, it is crucial to use qualified professionals to install and repair the system. The fact that there are gas, electrical and plumbing elements included in the standard central heating system creates a safety issue for any amateur or DIY installer. For safety, efficiency and effectiveness, you should only trust your heating system repairs and installation to experts.

If there is anything at all that is not quite right, we will come over and have a look. Our Gas Safe (formerly Corgi) registered engineers will assess the problem and explain what is needed to fix it.

With a fully equipped van, we can fix most problems on the spot. Even if we need special parts, we will get them for you quickly from our local suppliers, or else order them from the manufacturer and schedule a convenient time with you to come back and fit them.

Accredited and Guaranteed

We are Accredited Installers for the major boiler manufacturers. This means we are familiar with the specification and workings of all makes and models, from the very newest to those they made twenty years ago. The major manufacturers trust us to install their equipment properly, so you know you can trust us to repair or adjust it correctly, plus we can offer extended manufacturer’s guarantees of up to 10 years on selected installations.

Our repair services come with a six-month guarantee. We will discuss this with you before starting the repair to make sure you are happy to proceed, and mark this clearly on the paperwork we leave with you when we’ve completed the job. Boiler and central heating installations come with 12-month guarantees.


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No one ever plans on having a heating emergency, and it is this unpredictability that makes them so stressful. The key is having access to a dependable company that will take care of the situation for you. If you find yourself in a heating emergency and aren’t sure where to turn, call Emergency Plumbing & Heating on 0776 697 9767 in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas for help.